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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Welcome to Our Blog ,we appreciate you taking time to visit us,and access information from us.For any questions, write to us through our email address shown above or call the numbers given.
About The School
The school is a boarding school for Girls based on Sound Christian doctrines. It has a countryside environment which is very conducive for learning and other co-curricular activities. 

As our name Suggest we are in business of molding our girls into responsible, reliable and God Fearing women, therefore besides the ordinary curriculum which is offered in all other ordinary schools we run an elaborate co-curricular programme aimed at equipping our girls with necessary technical skills that helps them face the outside world and fully develop and realize their talents: This ensures our students will not leave our institution with only an academic certificate but also with skills and well developed talents. 

Beside our very affordable fees the school runs a scholarship award program that helps bright students from needy families. 

Human Resource
The school boasts of a large team of carefully selected Competent and experienced graduate teaching staff and an equally competent team of support staff and managers who ensure that our students are offered the best in education and are comfortable in school.

Discipline, Guidance and Counseling

The school is known for high academic standards and discipline.

We run a very elaborate guidance and counseling programmes to our students and in some cases to the parents. This is conducted by a highly trained professional team of over 5 counselors.